How we define influencer tiers

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What we do

On-going ambassador

Product reviews

Social media seeding

Event attendance

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Why choose Rexer

KOL database
Contacted and worked with over a thousand key opinion leaders in the region

Experienced team
Handled more than hundred influencer jobs with agencies and brands

In-house system
Gathered four major cities’ influencers in S.E.A. with in-house KOL job system

Steps to get started with Rexer

Frequently asked questions

Which influencer is the best?

No one best for everything, we will listen to your campaign brief, and offer our proposal to maximize the influence power.

Can I promote my campaign at other countries beside Malaysia?

We gathered KOLs with our in-house system, and there are more than thousand KOLs from 4 major cities (Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila), and we are going to extend to other cities as well to expand the influence power.